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Michelle got her to start with Safeway Electric as an Executive Assistant in 2014. Now, with more than 5 years of experience with Safeway Electric, Michelle manages the Human Resources Department.

Michelle is an outstanding business leader who collaborates with business partners and executives to create and implement people-focused strategies throughout the organization. Michelle and her team are resourceful, knowledgeable, fearless and relevant. Her purpose is building and maintaining dynamic but authentic relationships. She is a passionate people strategist, with the goal of achieving the highest ROI of Safeway's greatest investment, it's people. Being a career matchmaker motivates her and loves to see them grow in their careers. She seeks to help others achieve their goals by coaching and playing up their strengths.

Michelle loves spending her evenings with her family at the ballpark watching her daughter play softball

Michelle enjoys the outdoors. When she turned 30, she became a wildland firefighter. She knew, even during her training how tough this job was and commended those in this career for years for their service. But despite the hot flames, mental and physical fatigue, and trail mix overdose, she never quit. She is the type that when she says she will do something, it will happen no matter the sacrifice. She has since then put that perseverance to work as an HR Manager for Safeway Electric.