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Commercial Infrared Testing in San Bernardino

Ensuring Safe Operation & Reliable Performance

Infrared testing is an important part of a comprehensive maintenance program. This innovative technology allows electricians tolocate hot spots on electrical equipment to detect potential problems before they happen. Safeway Electric offers San Bernardino electrical inspections using infrared testing technology.

Ensure the Safety of Your Electrical System

Unfortunately, electrical problems are often not discovered until they cause damage to equipment or a fire. The consequences can range from unexpected downtime to significant property damage. Infrared cameras are used to scan electrical equipment and quickly locate hot spots to identify potential problems before they happen.

How Infrared Inspection Works

Infrared testing uses thermal sensitive cameras and other infrared scanning equipment to find hot spots. The technology allows a larger area to be inspected in a shorter amount of time. The technician is able to view the images on a monitor screen and take videos of areas being tested to help you understand any problems that may be discovered during the inspection.

Infrared testing offers many benefits, such as:

  • Locating problems before they are noticed
  • Fixing problems before they cause an outage
  • Finding loose connections in panel boards
  • Identifying and correcting other issues with electrical system components
  • Reducing electrical equipment downtime and damage
  • Enabling priorities to be established for repairs

The San Bernardino commercial electrical contractors at Safeway Electric will report any problems or hot spots that are found during the inspection. If issues are discovered, we can provide you with information about repair solutions to ensure the safe functioning of your electrical equipment.

A Cost-Effective Maintenance Solution

Infrared testing allows Safeway Electric to inspect electrical components in a shorter amount of time than is required for physical inspections. In addition, we are able to locate faulty electrical components with greater accuracy than is possible with a physical inspection. This provides a more efficient and cost-effective method for evaluating the safety of electrical equipment at large facilities.

Infrared testing can be used to inspect:

  • Loose connections or harmonic heating in panel boards
  • Fused switches and secondary fused switches
  • Transfer switches
  • Motor control centers
  • Circuit breakers
  • Other equipment

Infrared testing allows us to assess the performance and safety of your electrical equipment in real time.

San Bernardino Commercial Electricians Providing Highly Specialized Services

Our commercial electrical team includes highly trained and experienced project managers, state certified journeymen electricians and foremen who are all employees of the company. We have the training and equipment to tackle any specialized and technical projects to ensure that the specific requirements of every commercial property, regardless of the size.

Are you considering implementing infrared testing as part of your comprehensive maintenance program? Call (909) 766-9030 for more information and to schedule service at your commercial facility.

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